How we contribute to improve the current Metaverse and we help onboarding the next 1b users

Adoption in the metaverse and web3 is a question of time, but there are some key elements to boost the number of users to the first billion. First, we need to take a look at the current state of the metaverse and the issues it is facing. Current state of the metaverse Metaverse can describe many things, but the current impression of the leading metaverses is mostly video game looking, with no realistic design and a strong percent of users coming from this industry. But this does not mean it’s bad, It’s simply that the current market better fits gamers, tech-interested people and web3 curious. Therefore, the metaverse remains a niche by essence and cannot integrate the next billion users. Use cases are also an issue, most metaverse include mini-games, art exposition with low resolution, meet-ups in the virtual world and some social exchanges. There is little room for business to grow and for developers to express their whole range of ideas. Companies that are currently investing in the metaverse face low interest from clients and very few returns on investment due to the lack of possibilities. Lastly, the access to the metaverse remains complicated for most, with the need to have a specific wallet, metaverse are often accessible only with one specific blockchain and the whole process can be complicated for non web3 users. How Neotech will improve this situation The first key aspect is mass adoption through realistic design, where virtual experiences can be lived fully, the closest possible to the similar physical experiences, but better. While some people are going into their virtual world to enjoy a more immersive video game, others are looking to meet friends, enjoy art, travel to new cities and feel that they are in a close-to reality experience. With Neotech, companies, users and creators can gather in a hyper realistic metaverse, with infinite personal and business use cases. In the Real Metaverse, companies can set up auctions, business rooms, travel to their clients for a fraction of the cost and in a sustainable way. While individuals can wonder about the beauty of European capitals, while speaking and exchanging with their friends and relatives. Artists can express their ultimate form of art and get international recognition without high cost. There are no limits in the Real Metaverse. Finally, the most important part is the everyday use, people and companies can jump in and out of the Real Metaverse for daily activities, meeting, discussion, almost anything people would do in the physical world, but with many more options and possibilities. The Real metaverse is essential to bring non-tech users into the virtual world, as many potential users do not identify and understand video-game designs. The next 1 billion To reach the next billion users, one of the main parts is the hardware aspect. Affordable, easy to use hardware will allow anyone with an internet connection to jump in the metaverse and start a virtual journey of discoveries and opportunities. In the meantime, Neotech offers a technology on any device, computer, mobile, tablet, VR headset to reach the maximum number of potential users. In order to create emotions, like at home, Neotech is working hard to bring into the Real Metaverse many international cities, from Bucharest to Saint Tropez, anyone will be able to discover or rediscover the beautiful monuments visited during a past trip or dreamed of for many years. But no company can bring the next 1 billion users alone, for this Neotech is developing a full ecosystem. To make the experience as fluid as possible, Neotech is creating partnerships with decentralized stocking and rendering solutions, renowned architects, DAOs, gaming projects & gaming studios, brands, marketing agencies, municipalities and many more. Anyone is welcome in the Real metaverse, and the best future partnership will come from users that will discover the full potential of the metaverse. As for the access, Neotech is working to bring multichain solutions as part of the long-term strategy. Other partnerships are also developing solutions to ease the access to the metaverse and the web3 to neophyte, creating more bridges between the virtual and physical world. The path to the next 1 billion users will be unique, with many challenges, opportunities and endless possibilities to improve the Real Metaverse and make it ready for any needs, usages and wishes.