What does the Real Metaverse really mean?

What if you could visit a place anywhere in the world, visit the main areas and buildings, and decide that it’s the right place for your vacation, wedding, or event? All of it without actually going there, but by simply using the Real Metaverse.

Neotech is working hard to offer you this possibility, with immersive technology that is revolutionizing hardware and software in order to recreate a 1:1 exact replica of the Earth in utterly digital form.

Explore the world and create bridges between physical and digital life

The Real Metaverse is more than a concept, it’s a galaxy of possibilities that aim to change the way we work, live and spend time.

Imagine a world where you can finally disconnect from these endless zoom calls and simply put on your e-glasses and enter a virtual room with all your colleagues. In this room, interactions, exchanges, and stimulations are boosted by the close-to-reality experience and the fatigue you felt when looking at a screen for 8 hours will simply disappear.

The Real metaverse is offering a sustainable way to create connections with business partners in Rome, Paris, New-York or Bucharest, with no need to take a plane for several hours just for a routine meeting. Our technology will allow you to jump virtually into your partner’s e-office and you can even talk while visiting the streets of Rome and the coliseum, even go to an e-after-work with colleagues from every part of the world.

Now that your workday is over, you can join this e-tour that is showing the best flats in Paris. Going from one district to another, visiting the streets around, and admiring the view from your balcony. With Neotech, any travel agency can offer more than just pictures to choose your next holidays, and you can fully control what you are paying for.

The same logic applies to the event industry, where a company based in the United States can prepare an event in any capitals of the world, months in advance, by working with a virtual reproduction of a monument or a stage. A unique way to try, experiment for a fraction of the cost, and simultaneously host a physical event and a virtual event in the Real Metaverse, creating bridges between worlds.

This technological revolution will not only change the way we do things, but it will also improve our cities, transport, and life.

The Real Metaverse will improve our physical life

With the Neotech technology, civil engineers and scientists will be able to simulate and work on Smart Cities in the most realistic ways. Humans are always trying to predict how people will react to certain things, and how some structural changes will affect the daily life of millions. Why not recreate the whole environment and try these ideas?

By creating a high resolution, geo-referenced, and in three-dimensions exact replica of a street, district, city, or country we will be able to think, design, and create the changes of tomorrow that will improve our quality of life, develop more sustainable ways to move around and to save energy.

Smart Cities are the solutions to a more democratic change of infrastructure, as anyone would be able to visit the future changes, understand and see the propositions in detail and share their opinion on how to better integrate them into the physical world. This revolution can go from the change of a building’s residential area to the construction of a new district in a city, possibilities are endless.

Finally, all these changes can only be made if people, communities, companies and public entities work together to bring the best of the Real Metaverse.

The Real Metaverse is about collaboration

Neotech is providing a tool and a vision. A tool to access the Real Metaverse, with a “ready to use” infrastructure, and a vision about what the future could look like.

But the revolution will come once more and more actors will join this quest for the Real Metaverse opportunities. When developers will integrate this technology, companies will conduct trials and give a chance to a new way of working. When people will start to meet, create and exchange on the Real Metaverse.

As for any great innovation, the community will twist it, change it, improve it and create with it. And Neotech is looking to integrate as many ideas as possible in order to develop together our common vision of the Real Metaverse.

The Real Metaverse is a revolution, aimed to improve life, work quality, and how we use our time as an individual and as a society. Join the adventure and start creating with us.