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Welcome Metaverse

How does the future look like?

Can you anticipate it?

How about becoming a key part of it?

In a meta future, with new technologies springing up, Neotech creates native solutions, fully integrated with the new virtual worlds.
We capture data from the real world and transform it into valuable NFTs, fully integrated in meta solutions.

Each NTF from our collection of thousands of items represents a monument, a historical building, a stadium, a street or a reference
point in a big city of the world. And you can own it! And monetize it in so many ways!


The Genesis Collection includes 1000 special NFTs, consisting of historical buildings, statues, universities, museums or complete streets, from over 10 cities of Romania. You can’t miss this collection!

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The benefits of the NFTs:

The NFT holders will own the NFTs location when the REAL metaverse will be launched by Neotech Finance.

The owners of the NFT Genessis collection will be whitelisted on all future Neotech Finance collections.

90%!! of the money generated from ads and other activities in REAL metaverse on the NFT holders place, will belong to the NFT holder.
The Genesis 1 NFT holders will own the technical data of the NFT location, the data behind the magic, with tutorials of how to build.


In the future, people will be able to travel
anywhere in the world. Instantly and simply.
Through metaverse.

A historic building or monument of interest to a global audience may be your property.


Try to imagine the great benefits it could generate for you.

To own a complete street,
from a big city, in metaverse.

That’s a big thing! From advertising, events, virtual tours or just an ideal play
environment for a game developer!

You don’t just own an NFT, you own a business plan!

The biggest concerts so far have
taken place virtually. New records will be broken in metaverse.

Guaranteed. The next big event could take place at the stadium you own.

The value of your NFT?

Leadership & Management

Doru Borșan - CEO

Christian Meier - CTO NEOTECH

Tudor Coman - Chief of strategy

Marius Posa - Buisness Developer

Norbert Steff - Technical Director NEOTECH

Rene Lauk - Legal Expert NEOTECH

Ioan Gaf Deac - Smart City Strategy Expert NEOTECH

Mats Paulsson - Head of Sales – Europe NEOTECH

Vlad Sas - Developer NEOTECH

Ionuț Doboș - Strategy Advisor NEOTECH

Dragoș Iridon - Corporate Relationship Manager NEOTECH

Chintovan Dan-Ovidiu - Head of Community NEOTECH

Mihai Ioniță - MARCOM Manager NEOTECH

Borsy László - Strategic Blockchain Advisor NEOTECH

Dustin Plantholt - Metaverse & Web3 Strategist

Yannick Bosshard- Financial Expert & Investment Analyst

Cezar Sigmirean - Chief Marketing Strategist

Emil Lenard - Web3 Head of Development Team

Șerban Rauca - Senior Developer

Cătălin Vunvulea - Mobile developer

Mircea Recheșan - Web Developer

Andrei Ujica - 3D Arhitect

Aszalós Tibor Albert - Arhitect